Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd Banks

Market Cap.: ₹ 2,741.52 Cr.
Current Price: ₹ 143.20
Book Value: ₹ 93.80
Stock P/E: 10.84
Dividend Yield: 1.96%
Face Value: ₹ 10.00

sales increasing
growth is lot

Net Profit: 252.99

Lot of debt
not suggested too risky
promoter has pledged


Term Insurance


Term insurance

Take one for spouse even if she is non-working. The mental or etc help you do not know what you are getting until unless..

Take LIC
PLAN:0825 e-Term TERM:20 AGE:30 SumAssured:5000000,

SBI Life eShield

HDFC Click2Protect Plus

ICICI Pru iProtect Smart

Max Life Online Term Plan.

HDFC click to protect
3D life option or may be just basic .. can take any one .. do not go for lot of riders

Max Life

take from separate companies.. automate the pay

I have taken two plans one LIC e-Term and one HDFC Click2Protect Plus.

Do not complicate the things. Buy a simple term insurance plan with sufficient basic cover. I believe most of these online term plans do not provide “Total Permanent Disability rider” which I think is a very essential one. (TPD cover entitles you to receive a lump sum insurance benefit if you become Totally and Permanently Disable). You can consider taking stand alone Personal Accident plan. Also, you can ignore plans with ‘return of premium’ option. (Read : ‘Best Personal Accident Insurance plans‘)

I believe, diversification across different companies may not be required. As long as you are honest and provide complete/accurate details (in proposal form) while purchasing the insurance plan, your life insurance company has to settle the claim (if any). In any unfortunate event, your nominee has to submit multiple death claims which may be a challenging task.
But, you may consider splitting the life insurance amount into two policies. For example – If you decide to buy Rs 1 crore worth insurance coverage, you may consider taking two Rs 50 Lakh worth term insurance plans (preferably from same life insurance company). The main advantage of splitting is, you can stop paying the premiums on one policy, in-case if you think that you do not require so much insurance coverage.

Term insurance plan duration should be as long as you think you can achieve your major financial goals/freedom. Not more than that. Why pay higher premium for longer period when freedom is financial achieved.
Rather focus on building retirement corpus.

Ajanta Soya

An investment without much of thinking. I was interested in this stock from much longer time period.

This looked like a profitable business to me still does.

It was cheap at the price.

The downside were:

Management was not good

They have multiple business


May be a buy into this company would not have hurt me this much If it is not for the quick opportunity I thought of having.

There was some news about fire in the only plant company has in Bhiwad(Rajsthan) and share hit the circuit limit without realizing this I saw some videos of the fire and though huh it doesn’t look so bad. There must also be some insurance.

I got a buy window and went ahead. With coming days share started to hit the low circuit limit as soon as market opens. It was on BSE so I can’t set gtdt(Good till date) order and on daily basis I was loosing money plus there was some greed also involved. Finally sold the shares after 1 week and realized the loss.

My thinking at that time was:

Ajanta soya will make my 60k to zero I guess..

what to do now 


Ajanta Soya Ltd:

* Says fire incident at co’s Rajasthan plant has severely damaged the plant and machinery and impaired manufacturing activity

* Says plant expected to restart operations by Oct 2017 Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:

opportunity cost..

should i sell and realize the loss ?

nothing going to change here now ..

5-6 months of non operation plus extra cost .. profit will go for a toll everything will be lost for now

Even if I assume that profit is last years profit 6cr and profit growth is like 10% is required while it is more than 30% for sure ..

may be there will be no growth for sure this year

liability will increase as plant is destroyed ..

still lot of opportunity is there .. management is not great though but this was a profit making business for them ..

liability will increase ..

Let us keep it anyway loss is 20k already .. for sure it will go down why not exit now and buy it again ?

make sense …  I am sure that it will go down so can buy in

August correct ?? after 1-2 months


This loss triggered another bad investment. It was like going into mud. I saw an opportunity with Lupin F & O which was down after USFDA approval problem.

I thought why not cover up with Lupin. This is sure shot easy bet. I realized that it is calculated risk and I will succeed. But I failed there also. Now I think it is good in a way.


Learning: There are circuit limits on BSE / NSE. Stock prices can’t go below or above certain limit.

F & O Experience

I bought Lupin F & O for 27th July 2017. 400 shares and it was such a painful purchase.

I am not sure why I went this way. It was an impulse buy with the logic of what is the downside not much may be 40-50k loss. Some time back when I was fresh into all this I have made around 11k in F & O of Ashok Leyland may be that was the reason. I have learned from that experience and decided never to do it. But it was around one and half year old story and then there was quick profit made over the weekend (I have bought Ashok Leyland on Friday and sold on Tuesday).


I wanted to cover my losses from another bad decision. I thought that this is a calculated risk which I can take easily.

My logic that time:

what is downside ?

what is upside?

Should I take this risk?

Downside is 1L not more than that in any case..

Upside is 30-35 k

Downside probabilility is very low. upside is very high ..

I can manage downside .. I have earned much from stock market so can take this bet..

Am I willing to take this risk of Lupin? Yes..

So lupin I am keeping for 2-3 % downside 1140 and sell at 1200 or more?

Above of-course didn’t happened I kept it till 10% downside and finally sold 3-4% down. There was a time when it was up by 2 % also.

Anyhow this time it was a good learning lost almost 15k so covered up evenly. Good price for learning. May be this time it will stick for sure.

There is no easy money.

Bad logic

Re-enter at later stage:
When market is high or your stock is at all time high and it is okay stock sell it you can re-enter..

next time market is at all high ?

So maintain an excel kind of sheet and do buy sell .. re-enter position at dips and high to make maximum out of it ..

select best stocks and try this fundamental now

on each 15% dip buy on each 15% high sale

Buy sell is not for me. It gives you option to be sloppy. Buy and hold unless something goes bad. No time for re-shuffling.

Wrong logic

What is wrong in this:

Invest all your saving in one go on a bet which looks too down and wait and sell

or do future trade… of 5L denomination?

I guess first one is better option…

but why keep this much money wired in account for future trade? because it can earn lot of return repeatedly in a year.. although will be taxed ..

otherwise rest money put in long term …

————— Nice logic huh .. only invest in long term large cap wired ———————
rest as you wish for in mid and small cap… ———————————