Ajanta Pharma

Good share holder letter

management looks solid

only issue for now is high P/E

if anything goes wrong even slightly share price will dip

so at very high valuation I am buying ..

company will be profitable and grow in long term for sure but should I bet on this high valuation

Alembic & Alembic Pharma

Looks like lot of good guys like hitesh ankit have invested in the company but why is the company going down or not coming up from  one and half year

P/E is very high otherwise I can buy Alembic Pharmaceuticals

anti-infective, analgesic and, cough and cold therapies

cardiology, diabetes, gynecology, gastrointestinal, orthopedic, dermatology and ophthalmology

no debt  or very less debt

less cash flow

– Company has reduced debt.

– Company is virtually debt free.

– Company has good consistent profit growth of 53.15% over 5 years

– Company has a good return on equity (ROE) track record: 3 Years ROE 48.01%

too many pharma investment so should not invest in pahram now

I think

Lupin, Torrent, Piramal and cadila is too much

Premco Global

Premco Global Limited manufactures and sells woven and knitted elastic, non-elastic narrow fabric, tape, and webbing products. The company serves apparel, lingerie, sports-related, medical, footwear, luggage, furnishing, and automotive industries. It also produces and sells packaging and brand identification products, including woven and printed labels, hangtags, pressure sensitive labels, integrated barcode products, flock embellishments, tagless or heat transfer labels and decoration, and PDQ display boxes.

very clean annual report all financials are there

looks like very open management

but not too great future discussion or anything about business or client

Kiri Industries



not in circle of competancy



cheap material too much pollution

not a business i would like to own

but color is important

coloring of fabric rubber etc

P/E less

just because it holds share of some foreign company and did some good investment there

standalone business in india is not much of a charm

it is like a bet and not like a good investment what to do ?

can take bet?

sales are increasing

so should i take a call.. on this avg company but right now stock have shooted a lot

from 80 values to 240 value

Beginning FY’14, DyStar subsidiary started to show turnaround in performance and is now generating profits consistently for the past 3 years. This associate profit from the JV gives an EPS of 70-80. Principal reason for the low PE in the screening table above is that Mr. Market ignores DyStar associate profit completely. With no access to the DyStar profit pool, Mr. Market believes that Kiri’s investment became kind of dead-end.

Company is hopeful of completing litigation by end of Sept’17. Based on the timeline of recent Daichi-Ranbaxy arbitration at Singapore court, I would say it is very much possible. Also remember, JV (DyStar global holdings) entity was registered in Singapore.