Consumables Good Companies

I really want to buy 1 or 2 in this sector but prices are so high. The whole sector is on weeds. There is huge head wind with people coming to cities and towns using branded products but still valuations are sky rocketing.


Wrong timing

I have seen that I ignore stocks in my folio when there is a dip. This is bad I should read more when there is a dip because that is when there can be opportunity for buying more.

Note this going forward. Currently my focus returns when the stock again picks up from a downside trend/recover. The reason it seems is when it is down and I am at loss I wait without any analysis and when it recovers I am thinking of selling without any loss/profit. This is bad. Fix this habit.

Tube investment

Tube investment

Tube Investments of India Ltd
Auto Parts & Equipment

Market Cap.: ₹ 10,838.59 Cr.
Current Price: ₹ 578.25
Book Value: ₹ 177.35
Stock P/E: 22.76
Dividend Yield: 0.86%
Face Value: ₹ 2.00

Looks costly by P/E

– Company has reduced debt.- Company has good consistent profit growth of 25.21% over 5 years

Net Profit 1,038.91
Last year 424.36

Too much growth this year
but price doesn’t increased why?

Reserve: 3,286.70

Now de-merged. Management has proven track record buy the manufacturing one when P/E is less.

Emergency fund

6 months expenditure in FD 3 months in saving acc.

If you do not have PF from your company add some in PPF account. (10-12)% of your monthly expenditure.

No financial decision in family pressure or any kind of pressure or show-off.
Take your time to decide everyone is different.