Premco Global

Family owned
not sure whether professionaly run or not

Ashok B. Harjani Chairman & 28.91 
Lokesh P. Harjani Executive Director 14.32 
Nisha P. Harjani CFO & Director 13.02 
Sonia A. Harjani Director 0.95 

ROE is good 25%
P/E 16

Market Cap.: ₹ 134.39 Cr.
Current Price: ₹ 402.80
Book Value: ₹ 190.41
Stock P/E: 16.88
Dividend Yield: 0.74%
Face Value: ₹ 10.00

Renumeration is average not less so good

key client
rupa lux

competive market low margin

debt free with 21cr cash

Results are bad. Domestic textile market may have adversely affected by GST, but still can not understand why exports are not picking up? Even Vietnam plant is not picking up pace

No major risk from unorganised as the segment it operate is MNC like Hannes which would look at quality then only price. However, ability to scale up Vietnam operations since last 4-5 quarters and utilise domestic capacity at full has been chellanges due ot which financial of company were mediocare in my opinion,

why sells going down?

Sales is increasing little by little?? Is company doing something drastic to increase its sales figure doing some new innovation
expanding in other horizon

15% compounded profit growth from here till 10 years?

looks okay compare with wellspun I guess well spun is still better

Raw materials are procured domestically, as well as imported from the best suppliers in their category. Lycra, Spandex, rubber, and natural and synthetic yarn is tested and processed to conform to international standard.

Name TapesPanty ElasticShoulder StrapsButton HolePrinted ElasticPlain TapeRigid TapesMedicalHair Band

ESOP dilluting shares .. promoters are helping themselves?

What to do .. things look good but sales and profit are decreasing now why?

seems costly stil .. may be wait more ..

Trump on cotton industries?? Premco and well spun?

old navy

premco global management?? I guess it is great .. may be there are some concerns related to loan to promoters.

promoters should not be taking any interest of the funds advanced by them. But if the amount of interest paid is small, it indicates either of 2 things – either that interest rate charged by them is low, or that the funds are given to the company for really short periods, and interest is calculated only for that time.


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