Learning from bad investment

Bad Mutual fund selection and some companies which looked great at the time of investing but later lost a lot of market share.

In mutual fund selection the mistake I did was selecting the fund which has the best performance in last two years? Just based on this incorrect criteria I did the investment.

For company selection my mistakes are:

Kitex Garments

Learning: One major client dependency Jockey who pulled out. So no one major client company investment. Either select company which has product in the market as a brand or have multiple clients.
Bought at very high price. Never buy at high price even if company is great.

Shreyas Shipping

Welspun India

Learning: I didn’t buy this stock at high price. The company has brand. May be bad management decision or not sure need to check company now to see what was the cause of “Egyptian Cotton” fiasco with Tesco. Need to study the company now may be buy now?

Kaveri Seed

Mayur Uniquoters


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