Very short analysis of vested stocks

Ashiana Housing:

There are less number of inventory sold in 2016 .. construction pace is same.. will it be possible that inventory will remain unsold for long?

Although not operating in Tier 1 cities so price is less and moto is also “Affordable living” May be the Ashiana customers are not the big shot guys so Black money doesn’t effect a lot. I am not 100% sure though.

House is a big investment but then now loan is also cheaper so more people can opt for it .. but also since lot of inventory is available may be pricing power is less now. Things has to sell at lower price?

To me Ashiana numbers and management looks better than Poddar Housing.

Can buy more even at price 230 [21 April 2017] it look cheap.

Mayur Uniquoters: Not so sure why is sales not growing from past couple of years? No one big client dependency diversified portfolio.. Check about Futuristic thinking? fighting within family. I am in favor of artificial leather.

Chamanlal Setia: Weak management it seems like. Why is it growing now why not in past all these years. Has growth potential though.

Ambika Cotton mills: What does this guy do with cash? how is he investing it? Dividend. Reinvest in business?

Tasty bites:  Business is good. Lot of scope for sure. Management capability? Futuristic thinking?

Praj Industries: Futuristic great, Not so great business model .. now oil price is less. external dependency .. but can grow.. So some risk
can have great future ..

Welspun India: should I take risk here.. pricing power will be less now for the company .. but one who knows everything will say .. ohh what the heck .. but there are so many option wy go with this ?? I have studied the company things look okay .. has performed well .. now price is low . I should pounce with the opportunity ?? what say you .. In India also it has brand ..

Lupin: which has brand big company but external dependency .. presence in lot of countries .. too much acquisitions .. Can it maintain the growth.. seems like that way .. Lupin management looks great.. Company is also very good and established.


In above I think at current price I can buy more of Lupin is cheap right now. Welspun I can also buy and Ashiana housing. Mayur Uniquoters and Praj also look futuristic.



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