Avanti Feed

also in prawn

Price wise Avanti looks better than water base..

Avanti Feeds Ltd

Other Food Products

Market Cap.: ₹ 2,660.65 Cr.

Current Price: ₹ 585.85

Book Value: ₹ 99.68

Stock P/E: 16.53

Dividend Yield: 1.19%

little unstable business

Avanti is bigger stable company seems like less P/E

Company has reduced debt.

Company is virtually debt free.

Company has good consistent profit growth of 114.77% over 5 years

Company has a good return on equity (ROE) track record: 3 Years ROE 49.95%

Company has been maintaining a healthy dividend payout of 20.61%

Net Profit: 141.95

this year not so great 

Can buy Avanti feed 

has cash

loads of it

Other than shrimp

Prawn and fish

Avanti Feeds is the leading manufacturer of Prawn and Fish Feeds and Shrimp Processor and Exporter from India. Avanti Feeds Limited has established joint venture with Thai Union Frozen Products PCL., the world’s largest seafood processors and leading manufacturer of prawn and fish feeds in Thailand with integrated facilities from Hatchery to Shrimp & Fish processing and Exports.

Prawn and Fish Feed Manufacturing Units


Just step in and tuck into a mouth-watering range of highly nutritious prawn delicacies, like Golden Fried Prawns, Butter Fried Prawns, Ginger Prawns, Prawn Noodles, and also Fish Fries, Fish Fingers and more, specially created for your taste buds by our master chefs. And also take home export quality prawns, processed and packaged as per our stringently hygienic standards.

Avanti’s Prawn King processed hygienically complying with HACCP standards with USFDA, BRC accreditations in place. It is certified ISO 22000:2005 and certified by ACC for its best aquaculture practices. Avant

Four windmills

Not a great shareholder letter

Renumeration of Indra Kumar is huge

China Thailand all are competitors

US is largest consumer, Vietnam, indonesia

  • Indra Kumar has unique Credit Risk Assessment model; knows every farmer; has meals with their family. Local connect is very important. Farmers are hypnoFzed. There is very liYle difference between Feeds from Top players (technical evaluaHon of samples). It is the markeHng/support and farmer connect!

Can effect one crop but there are almost three crop a year

Sea food industry have a rosy future and shrimp is top among supply chain

There are a variety of lethal viral diseases that affect shrimp.[21] In the densely populated, monocultural farms such virus infections spread rapidly and may wipe out whole shrimp populations. A major transfer vector of many of these viruses is the water itself; and thus any virus outbreak also carries the danger of decimating shrimp living in the wild.


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