Praj industries

ROE is less .. futuristic company though.. not performing well can turn around but will be slow can’t have eureka?

Should i be attached only because of Hitesh and because it is futuristic . i guess so ..

I think I should sell this .. Nope.. keep it


My Buckets


Blue chip sustained growth & Growth stock

1. Ambika cotton mills (don’t know business though everything else looks good) : Keep this company for long

  1. Tasty bites
  2. Cadilla
  3. Suprajit
  4. Piramal
  5. Praj
  6. Lupin
  7. Welspun
  8. Mayur
  9. torrent
  10. shreyas
  11. kitex
  12. kaveri
  13. Divi’s lab
  14. Chaman lal setia (not great management) can keep for a year or two growing company right now. Lot of possibilities. Not very intelligent management.
  15. Shemaroo

Suven Life Sciences Ltd Pharmaceuticals

Market Cap.: ₹ 2,235.08 Cr.

Current Price: ₹ 175.60

Book Value: ₹ 55.55

Stock P/E: 18.53

Dividend Yield: 1.14%

Face Value: ₹ 1.00

Net profit 100

22% growth

Profit growth is okay

so buy valuation is okay

Price growth ?

Very clean management very good financial report

seems unstable compnay though

but giving very good result

can be a good bet

sector has future .. only issue is will it continue to innovate.. but someone has to innovote so why not suven..

Need lot of cash flow for long sustainable growth .. some years can be bad some can be good ..

need to check about this

but looks okay as management is great

Stocks not to sell for next 8-10 years

If nothing goes wrong

Because of GOOD BUSINESS. and GOOD MAnagement.. Can buy more if available cheap .. if either extra ordinary management or extra ordinary business .. go for it even if other is just okay..

Keep and Eye

  1. Mayur Uniquoters  => just keep an eye on management .. some problem in the family .. when will it be resolved .. Poddar family 
  1. Kitex => Good business good management.. is there some problem with cash investment is management not clean?? But execution wise management is good .. Sabu Jacob is smart employee focused
  1. Freshtrop fruits: Good business .. Good management .. may be not such a profitable business to be in  right now ..
  1. Pokarna : Good business not sure about management..
  1. Tasty bites eatables: Very Good business .. management is experienced .. okay credentials .. not sure whether it is extra ordinary or very clean..
  1. Ashiana housing : very good management.. Good business .. profitable also
  1. Cadila: Very good management .. Business is also okay .. with some hicupps .. continuous innovation is needed..
  1. Piramal: Extraordinary management..
  1. Ambika cotton mills: Extra ordinary management
  1. Shemaroo: Cloning .. average business .. not sure about management..
  1. Torrent pharma: okay business .. okay management..
  1. Suprajeet: ??
  1. Praj: futuristic
  1. Shreyas: Good business .. management is also okay .. can buy think about it .. read more
  1. Ultramarine: good management .. check for business.. less known for me .. think about it .. cloning here ..
  1. Chamanlal setia: Good business .. management is below average though .. what to do ?? sell I think ..
  1. Divi’s lab: Good management.. Good business .. is cheap ..

Buy call:

  1. Kaveri seed: Very good business to be in .. but the company doesn’t have the actual IP .. may be for other seed it is trying so can buy this company even more ..

Reading required:

  1. Lupin: Not sure about management .. read about management .. okay business

Just sell Welspun or read something good about it :

  1. Welspun India: Can be a Problamatic business .. cotton price govt governed .. business is good but management may not be very good ..

You should keep a printed checklist

A physical written/printed checklist having less information is really necessary.


Face the right direction and keep walking

invest for lifetime if not at least for 8 years timeline

so only think in that way / that term..

Now consider all your stocks in this line

Great business Great execution

even costly stocks can be an option this way ..

small stocks in food eatery

“Buy a business, don’t rent stocks,” Buffett has been advising for years. And then he adds, “An investor should ordinarily hold a small piece of an outstanding business with the same tenacity that an owner would exhibit if he owned all of that business.”

– Buy right and hold on.