Market Cap.: ₹ 2,058.18 Cr.

Current Price: ₹ 433.30

Book Value: ₹ 91.14

Stock P/E: 18.64

Dividend Yield: 0.35%

Face Value: ₹ 1.00

looks like good management but some problem with investment. Many good investors have pulled out because of the way management keep profit in foreign currency I guess.

Fully mechanized robotics is used in industry

Yarn is raw material Kitex doesn’t make yarns use yarns to knit wear

So I guess high margin?

Looks great buy .. why sales are low now?? is market saturated?? why not growing at same pace as earlier?? Some clients have pulled out like Jockey.

Children’s wear market is one of the most 

profitable segments in the global apparel 

industry. This segment was not a ected by the

child birth are in foreign countries is falling so kitex??

depends on three major buying factors – the number of

babies born, and the purchasing power of parents and

the safety and quality standards of the apparels. The key

drivers of the infant wear market are as follows.

Kitex supplies its products such as USA and Europe

organized retail accounts for 80% share of the total

retail market. This makes the shopping convinenent with the added bene ts of quality and safety of the products available.

Demand for Comfort and Quality: The selection of clothing for babies is done judiciously by parents as they choose the ebst products for their newborn

• Growing popularity of online shopping: The internet is valuable source of information for parents. The number of parent who research, deliberate, discover, and compare children’s products on the internet is increasing each day ( courtesy : Technavio)

n USA. Various studies/private research reports shows that Kitex has a 70% market share in the import exports of baby garments. 

Kitex Unique Advantages 

The key advantage of Kitex is its trained manpower and vertical value chain consisting of state of the art process machines, international quality check systems and nal delivery of customized items to the customers.

so has some leverage IP

Your company exports all the products to
USA and other European countries. Any volatility in the currency market can impact the overall pro tability

Trump effect???

Good information in annual report everything seem to be out in open

To me this looks great.. see why people are exiting what caused it and what is wrong with management about cash debt and hoarding money in foreign currency..

just Prof Snajay bakshi is with this company now rest most of the people have left like All Value picks Donald and Ayush

Holding debt and cash together.. not sure what is happening with financials

P/E is still a lot growth is okay but still looks like costly stock

need 20% growth at current profit


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