Shortlisted and proper price

Sectors: Medical/Pharma, Housing/Real State, Bank/Finance, Insurance,

Lupin Ltd at price: 1,100 pr share

Checklist: 1. Management: capable, Futuristic thinker => proper acquisitions 2. Good growth can sustain at 15-20% for long term 3. No cash flow problem 4. Good business

A little high priced. Best price will be 1,100 per share at 67,546.07 Cr market cap

Can go in stable growth bucket Large cap. Very less to No risk


Mayur Uniquoters at price: 341 looks reasonable. The company has potentials to give consistent 20% growth. In good business. If the problem with management is sorted out. Little risk


For steady growth. Risk: None


High growth

Risk: small

Ashiana Housing at price 140 it is cheap really cheap should buy a lot.

No risk

Tasty Bite


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