Ashiana Housing Ltd

Ashiana Housing Ltd

Market Cap.: ₹ 1,444.19 Cr.
Current Price: ₹ 141.10
Book Value: ₹ 64.81
Stock P/E: 11.40
Dividend Yield: 0.35%
Face Value: ₹ 2.00

Company is virtually debt free.
Company has good consistent profit growth of 23.80% over 5 years

Net profit: 129

Growth: 23%

So cheap right now can buy

Good business good future not going out of market soon. Currently price is down because of real state situation in India.
Many value investors are into this company so copy paste. Great management Annual letter is really nice.

adequate cash flow

P/E is also okay

So buy??

Next 7-10 years growth you expect ..

Graham style:
Intrinsic value = EPS X (8.5 + 2 g)
Good P/E + 2 times growth you say for next decade
reasonable expected growth

So for Ashiana housing
EPS is varying a lot why??
EPS last year is 12 but before that it was 4 before 2 then 17 37 etc
(8.5 + 2 g) = 8.5 + 20 =
current share price is 140 so even 7 EPS is okay

With demonetization buyers of real state are less now
affordable housing
good long term investment for slow and focused investment

but it will take another 1-2 year for real state to boost once again
so can keep adding at low values I think ??

Why Ashiana?

Is housing in my circle of competency?
Who are competitors?

I am happy with

Copy paste?

Future Prospects?

How does it compare with Poddar housing?

With tata value homes ?

Online review is good for the builder.

Final Verdict: Buy

I am very new to value investing and this is me taking random notes just for myself. Please don’t base any of your decision on these write-ups. That will be foolish.


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